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Extending Global Awareness / Becoming Keepers of Our Planet

A call to create thoughtful works about the state of our planet and the realization of the inevitable consequences
of changes in our climate to all living things and the ecosystems that support them.

Suggestions-Local Responses

Please plan all responses to this call in your local area using local resources and talent.  We are a strictly volunteer organization and do not have any sponsors funding us.  It is our hope that Earth Day April 22, 2020 will have coordinated events, displays, art shows, performances....and any other thoughtful and creative responses to climate departure in a variety of venues globally. 

Please share your best ideas with each other through a proliferation of websites stimulated by this one and by other means of communication as you choose.  If you make a website, please link it to ours so we can appreciate the thinking and creativity that individuals or groups are doing.

A few suggestions........

Think about the following concepts when planning your responses and works:


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